Quality reports of the hospitals: The 2020 case numbers show exciting developments

The latest case numbers for the reporting year 2020 were again processed using our long-established reprocessing processes. As of now, the case numbers of all diagnoses, operations and procedures of the hospitals and departments are available.

Initial analyses of the new data confirm the negative effect on case numbers expected by Corona.

As chart 1 shows, surgeries & procedures have declined by around 8% and principal diagnoses by as much as 12%.

Chart 1: Change in clinic case numbers 2019 vs. 2020

However, even if the number of cases declined slightly overall in 2020, this development cannot be applied across the board to all areas.

An examination of the changes in the number of cases (chart 2) in the top 15 department types clearly shows that the various disciplines are affected to quite different degrees.
For example, gynaecology departments show rather small declines in the number of cases, both in terms of diagnoses and operations and procedures, while ENT and psychiatric departments, for example, each have to report much larger losses.

Chart 2: Changes at the level of department types

This makes it clear that when looking at the new data, it is the details that matter and the areas that are relevant for the healthcare companies in each case should be closely examined.

For this purpose, we provide a user-friendly solution with our KlinikNavigator, for example. The web tool contains a variety of analysis tools and thus offers optimal access to the clinic data.
In addition, we naturally support our customers with further, completely individual solutions and project ideas.

If you are interested in the data or would like additional information on the changes, please contact Mr. Tim Oliver Strauch by e-mail or by phone at +49.521.2997-415. We have also prepared a free report for you, which you can request directly from Mr. Strauch.